What is the right time to change the transmission fluid of your car

What is the right time to change the transmission fluid of your car

Automobiles require proper fluids so that their all parts work smoothly, just like a human body. Fluid protects the parts from friction and manages the temperature. Otherwise, the metal parts can create hazardous frictions and their temperature will rise to a risky temperature. There’s a vital type of fluid that’s used in the transmission system.

Types of Transmission Fluid:

Transmission fluids are, especially for the automatic transmission. These are available in the market in various qualities. They effectively guard the transmission’s inner surface with their friction modifiers. However, HFM fluids contain greater friction modifiers.

Synthetic fluids cost more as they can handle extreme temperature changes better. Also, these can lessen shearing, oxidation, and friction way more.

Type-F is another hugely used transmission fluid. This doesn’t have friction modifiers. It’s generally used in vintage model automobiles.

However, hypoid gear oil and motor oil are the best options for manual transmission. Hypoid gear oil is capable to handle extreme temperatures and pressures. Motor oil is mainly used in the engine, but it can be used as an effective lubricant for a manual transmission as well. As for properties and compositions, these two oils are very similar to each other.

Functions of Transmission Fluid

Transmission fluid is mainly used to lubricate transmission components so that they work smoothly without producing much friction and heat during towing, carrying heavy loads, continuous usage of brakes etc.

•    This fluid also has bonus benefits. It can boost the rotation speed as well as the temperature range.

•    It reduces higher temperature and helps in improvement of cooling the system.

•    It’s also capable of managing gaskets and to clean metal surfaces to ensure their long lifespan.

When to Change Transmission Fluid

It’s difficult to say that exactly when or how often one should change transmission fluid. This frequency largely depends on your vehicle’s manufacturer.

Many vehicles require replacement of transmission fluid at 100,000-150,000 miles intervals. Though many experts advise to change it more frequently, such as within 50,000 miles interval.

As per experts, manual transmission fluid should be replaced more often than 50,000 miles. Sometimes it’s needed after 30,000 miles. Manual transmissions use traditional gear oil for a specific reason.

Symptoms of Damaged Transmission Fluid:

•    Color – The most common transmission fluid comes in pinkish red color, though blue, yellow and green varieties are available. It’s bright and translucent. When its’ typical brightness begins to fade and the color changes to brown, you should promptly change it. It becomes black in the worst condition mainly for contamination. It gets damaged because of the debris and particles caught on heavy work.

•    Odor – Fresh transmission fluid contains a mild sweet scent. It helps you to recognize its health condition easily. As it deteriorates, it smells like some burnt stuff. Moving the car itself is a lot of work as hundreds of parts and components need to work in proper harmony. So it’s highly important to use proper transmission fluid and also to know about its proper maintenance factors and keep checking it for deterioration.


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